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0 thoughts on “Fresh college girls get dirty 09 7 43

  1. the girl with the tattoos and the man were much more intimate like you can tell he was enjoying it with her more than the other lol. also in the end when they were going AT ITTTT the other girl just sat there knowing damn well she wasn’t getting it as good as her friend

  2. When your doing it doggystyle, have him spank you more and when he does, tell him to “do that again” in a seductive way because I can tell from your videos you love when he slaps that ass and I love that! Also more hair pulling, I love that as well.

  3. I love your body and the way you leave some super fine pubic hair on your pussy. Sometimes I prefer bald other times a strip or design. However you can just make it happenwith what you have any day!!

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